Talking Points

Jack Karp

Backstage at a Donald Trump rally, two political operatives desperately try to deal with the fact that their candidate has gone off-script again and is saying outrageous things that could sink his campaign. But when they start exploring ways of reigning their candidate in, they find that their problem may be more technological than political and may not be a problem at all.

Part of SAD! An Evening of Short Plays in Protest

WHO: Theatre Artists Unite, as part of the National Month of Outrage
WHERE: The Fountain House Gallery
                702 Ninth Ave. (at 48th St.)
WHEN: SUNDAY, Jan. 29th, at 6pm



by Jack Karp

Directed by Melanie Moyer Williams

Cast including Josh Doucette*, Jordan Kaplan*, Amelia Mathews*, Dan Odell, Laura Pruden*, and Hugh Sinclair*

It is 1944 and Robert Oppenheimer and his brother Frank are frantically working to beat the Nazis to the world's first nuclear bomb. Afraid Germany has a two-year head-start, Robert pushes Frank and his collection of top scientists to avoid “waking up to a mushroom cloud over New York.” With difficulties mounting and growing concern over his Communist associations, Robert has no time to think about the consequences of his “gadget.” But in 1945, when they finally see the power of their new weapon, the two men are torn apart in a battle over its use, and Robert is finally forced to choose between his conscience and his ambition, his mistress and his wife, his brother and his bomb. 

Performance Schedule:

Thursday, March 12 @ 8pm (Preview)

Friday, March 13 @ 8pm (Preview)

Saturday, March 14 @ 8pm (Opening)

Sunday, March 15 @ 3pm

Thursday, March 19 @ 8pm

Friday, March 20 @ 8pm

Saturday, March 21 @ 8pm

Sunday, March 22 @ 3pm

Monday, March 23 @ 7pm

Thursday, March 26 @ 8pm

Friday, March 27 @ 8pm

Saturday, March 28 @ 8pm

Sunday, March 29 @ 3pm (Closing)

Theater at the 14th Street Y

344 East 14th Street
(between 1st and 2nd Avenues)
New York, NY

For more information, visit Red Fern Theatre.